Humanitarianism is not just a title; It's an action. Most humanitarians gain their notartiaty thru their charitable acts as a public image; but those who are not public images, not wealthy, do not receive any feedback from anyone. 
The true humanitarian doesn't want recognition, they want to give to the impoverished and provide them with a sense of  normalcy and any level of dignity.
Without the donations from those who care, this ministry would not be possible. 
I want to personally thank the following women of God who helped make this possible thru their generous, weekly donations of clothing:
Mendy Mc Quillen is from a nearby town who has provided clothing for the less fortunate. Her idea of giving is not giving to  thrift store to sell what she has donated, but to give to the homeless and less fortunate directly knowing that they cannot afford to provide for themselves. She has four children to care for outside of her ministry. She is married to a wonderful man whom also provides for the impoverished. 
Mendy introduced me to Miss Dorothy at St. Thomas Aquinas Thrift Store here in Ojai, CA after I had taken up a clothing drive to help third world countries. I began receiving weekly donations from Miss Dorothy and have been able to donate to the river bottom homeless, the Ventura county homeless, the victims of the California wildfires, and low income families all the way to L..A. county. 
Mrs. Jymme Taylor and all of her colleagues from Emerging Spirits Ministry in Ventura, CA  for their generous, weely donations of clothing, bedding, and hygiene products.
Through these generous and unselfish donations, we can help the homeless and less fortunate gain a level of dignity and respect, and assist them in restoring their lives.
I am humbled beyond words for the gift of these women. Thru their love of God, and the compassion they have shown for our homeless, impoverished, fire devastation, and victims of society, we are bridging the gap.
Thank you Mendy Mc Quillen and your family for your loving donations, thank you Miss Dorothy, and thank you Emerging Spirits for making this possible.
Help end homelessness, hunger, and drug abuse by becoming a donor or partner. 



Our Mission/Vision statement:

That no mouth goes unfed, and no soul goes unsaved 

We are committed to providing the homeless and less fortunate with the things they need to sustain them during the seasons and perilous times. We provide food, clothing, and resources to help them survive and keep a level of dignity.

​Through donations and volunteering, We can Bridge the gap of hunger and homelessness.

Luke 1:48 "For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed".
Romans 12:16 "Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits."
The Heavenly Father regarded the low estate of Mary the Virgin by anointing her womb to be the vessel of holy conception of the Christ child. Just like God reached down to Mary in her humble circumstances, Paul the Apostle says we should do the same with people of low estate that are around us. The KJV word condescending takes on a  different meaning in our American English. Paul is not telling us to 'speak down to' people, as if they are deficient in mental abilities. He is saying we should condescend to today's people of low estate (low income single parents, the homeless, petty crooks, gang members, drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes) in the sense of using compassionate respect, response, and reach out to them meaningfully with love.

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”

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