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God Provides

Good afternoon brothers and sisters in Christ. I just received a blessing of 10 brand new NIV Bibles with more to come from "Noah's Ark" Preschool and kindergarten next to a Methodist Church on "Church" street here in Ojai! The Lord said "ask and ye shall receive." I posted on Facebook yesterday and asked for 5 and got 10, plus more on the way! This is what I posted on Ojai Unconditional Give or Take group, which has since been removed by admin because Satan took control of their group and they allow demons to ask for yarn, but not Bibles. A woman named Betty Herman told me to "pray and ask God, not people." I did ask him and the beginning of this post explains the results of MY prayers: "I just assumed my new assignment as Pastor at Oakmont of Camarillo working with the most beautiful people God has ever created. Most have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and some live independently but need around the clock supervision. They have a hunger for the Lord. I hold Bible study, praise and worship, and Communion every Sunday. I sing to them and give them handouts for the week. The one thing they all need and don't have are Bibles. I am in search of at least 5 used, unwanted Bibles... Anything but KJV only because they have a hard enough time focusing and comprehending. I am also in search of anything that will serve as a pulpit." I found a post from her asking the community for yarn so I told her to ask God, not people. She said "I" was not being Christian for calling her out. This is what I said: "Dear Miss Betty, I just wanted to give you a praise report. Thru all of my fervent prayer, and reaching out to who the Lord instructed me, I was blessed with double my portion. This is how God works... Monica Hayes from "Noah's Ark" Pre-school and Kindergarten located next to the Methodist Church in Ojai on "Church" Street donated 10 brand new Bibles when I only asked for 5, and they have more that they are going to donate once they get them from another location. Everything about this is God's will. Right down to the name of the school and the name of the street. God provides when you ask Him. He orders our steps and tells us exactly what to do... Just listen. I didn't ask people for Bibles, I asked God and not only did He provide, He increased me. It's not necessary to put people down. You are asking for yarn. I hope the community is nice to you. Thanks for your unnecessary, heartless advice." When you have Jesus, you have love. If you lack love, you lack knowledge of God's word. Read Matthew 5:44-48. It teaches you how to treat people with love. God is not pleased with your reaction. I said that not to be mean, but I posted in Ojai Unconditional Give and Take asking people to donate at least five used Bibles that they did not need for my ministry at Oakmont of Camarillo Senior Living Home because none of the residents that attends service have one and she told me to pray and ask God, not people." She was wrong for that. I'm a good woman of God doing His work voluntarily without accepting offerings and she put me down. That's not what that group is about. So, I am no longer in need of Bibles. God provided. It took her 6 years to get yarn, it took me 2 hours to get Bibles. God knows our hearts and our attitudes. Thank you Father God for all of my tender Grace and Mercies, and for my favor. In Jesus' Holy Name!

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